2020 Program of Work

Each year, the Bainbridge-Decatur County Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors develops a plan that guides the work of the organization.  Work gets done through the divisions highlighted below.

Organizational Excellence

Mission: To ensure organizational excellence throughout all aspects of the Chamber by maintaining the necessary leadership and resources to fully execute the mission of the Chamber.

Primary functions to ensure organizational excellence include: financial strategy, organizational sustainability, membership retention and recruitment, and strategic direction.

Who: Executive Committee, Chamber Staff

Finance Committee Chairman - Brad Barber Vice-Chair - Marvalynn Carroll

Action Items:

1. Create an onboarding program and materials for board members.

2. Develop a board expectation and engagement outline.

3. Establish succession plan from Committee Chairs to Board Members.

4. Strenghten committee structure by developing committee chair succession plans as well as committee handbook complete with objectives and goals.

Governmental Affairs

Mission: To serve as the collaborative voice of the business community at all levels of government through advocacy, education and action.

Who: Executive Committee, Chamber President

Action Items:

1. Create survey to send to members regarding issues of importance in developing the legislative agenda.

2. Establish a 2021 legislative agenda

3. Actively educate members on business-oriented regulations, ordinances, and legislation during the 2020 legislative session by exchanging information shared by local stakeholders, state legislators and the Georgia Chamber Federation bi-weekly calls.

4. Establish a regular presence at city, county, development authority, and school board meetings.

5. Assist in developing content for the Chamber blog and for all social media platforms.

Business Development

Mission: To promote business growth in Bainbridge and Decatur County by directly supporting the individuals within the businesses.

Who: Chairman - Jennifer Cannon Vice - Chair - Rollins Miller

Action Items:

1. Host business roundtables for specific industry segments: retail, manufacturing, service-based.

2. Host educational seminars focused on small business’s needs.

3. Promote UGA’s Small Business Development Center and the resources it provides.

4. Provide serious networking opportunities for the membership to engage in.

5. Assist in developing content for the Chamber blog and for all social media platforms.

Workforce & Economic Development

Mission: Develop Decatur County’s talent pipeline through faciliting community partnerships that ensure access to quality education and prepare individuals for jobs in our city and county.

Who: Chairman - Darrell Cox

Action Items:

1. Partner with Decatur County Industrial Development Authority to host roundtable industry sessions engaging business and education.

2. Engage with Decatur County IDA and DDA to explore opportunities to assist in economic development inititatives.

3. Continue hosting the teacher-industry tours. (Industry Immersion Tour)

4. Assist in developing content for the Chamber blog and for all social media platforms.

5. Serve as primarity faciitiator among community stakeholders to develop a plan to brand and market our community.

Leadership Development

Mission: Build and enhance the leadership pipeline for Bainbridge and Decatur County.


Youth Leadership Chairman - April Aldridge Vice-Chair - Jordan Gilbert

Adult Leadership Chairman - Randee Eubanks Vice-Chair - Kathryn Meja

Action Items:

1. Work with school system and business community to develop soft skills training for leadership programming.

2. Work with school system on marketing the Amazing Shake™ program and toolkit.

3. Continue working with Fanning to enhance current programming.

4. Identify alumni to fill day-chair roles.

5. Assist in developing marketing documents in recruiting the next class.

6. Assist in developing content for the Chamber blog and for all social media platforms.

Event Committee

Mission: To enhance the quality of life for residents and businesses of Bainbridge and Decatur County through special events that support the Chamber’s mission; and increase tourism development for guests and visitors.


River Town Days Chairman - Roy Oliver Vice-Chair - Matt Palmer

Annual Awards Chairman - Doug Young Vice-Chair - Leslie Bernier

Flint River Fair Chairman - Randy Logue Vice-Chair - Dana Bryant

AG Luncheon Chairman - Clint Beckham