August Business of the Month

Created by Karen Tobin |

Catering by JLo with Janice Lewis

"You only live but once!" says Janice Lewis, owner of Catering by JLo.  She's a woman that cooks from the heart!  No one goes hungry if Ms. Janice can help it!  Janice specializes in home-cooked southern cuisine and soul food.  But that doesn't stop her from your requests.  She says, "if there's a recipe, I can make it!"  Janice Lewis and her staff of family and friends stay very busy with catering for small events to events with up to 500 people.  

I'm personally a fan favorite of her caramel pecan pound cake.  If you haven't had it, you need to call Ms. Janice.  She'll be sure to accommodate!

Enjoy the short video and learn how Catering by JLo was chosen as August Business of the Month.