2018 Business Plan

Each year, the Bainbridge-Decatur County Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors develops a plan that guides the work of the organization.  Work gets done through four divisions highlighted below.

Advocacy Division

Mission: To educate members on important legislation that affects the business community on a local, state, and national level. To advocate on behalf of the members for business-friendly legislation.

Division Goals:

  1. Educate: Serve as a conduit of information from the local, state, and national level of legislators to the business community. Educate the membership on legislation that affects the business community.
  2. Develop a Legislative Agenda: Develop an agenda that focuses on local, state and federal issues important to Decatur County and our business community.
  3. Process:  Develop a process to gather information, educate members and communicate with legislators.

Member Engagement

Mission: Enhance Member Engagement

Division Goals:

  1. Communication:  Develop more targeted communication to members
  2. Enhance Ambassador Program: Revitalize the Ambassador program to assist with membership retention and new member recruitment
  3. Develop better, more targeted networking opportunities
  4. Develop and enhance educational opportunities for members

Workforce Development

Mission: Improve workforce development for Bainbridge-Decatur County

Division Goals:

  1. Continue to develop the community’s workforce thru leadership programs:  First Port City Bank Youth Leadership, Fast Cats Leadership and Leadership Decatur County
  2. Educate students on available jobs in Bainbridge and Decatur County: Work with the school system on job fairs and videos to educate students on what jobs are available in our community.
  3. Establish a 501(c)3 organization: Work to establish a foundation that can assist with training needs for the community.

Community Development

Mission: Create opportunities, programs and partnerships to improve the knowledge and commitment of Bainbridge and Decatur County’s business leaders and citizens.

Division Goals:

  1. Re-brand the Chamber: Develop a new, more relevant and timely brand for the Chamber
  2. Develop a mentorship program for business owners
  3. Increase participation of non-members
  4. Economic Development education:  Hold a mini GA Academy class with GA Power and DCA in order to educate community members about the economic development process

Ad hoc Committees

The Chamber gets its work done with and through volunteers. Several ad hoc committee involvement opportunities are offered throughout the year. Ad hoc committees meet on an as needed basis and are formed for a specific task or objective then deactivated when the task or objective is completed. See below for a list of Chamber Committees.

River Town Days Festival - Plan and execute the annual River Town Days Festival

Flint River Fair ­- Plan and execute the annual Flint River Fair

Ag Appreciation Day - Plan and execute Ag Appreciation Day, including soliciting nominations for and choosing Ag Man and Woman of the Year

ChamberFest - Plan and execute the Chamber’s Annual Member Appreciation event

Nominating Committee - Chair:  Paxton Poitevint (Committee is comprised of current and former Chairmen of the Board); Oversees the process for seating of new directors/officers