Bainbridge Salvation Army Feeds Thousands

Created by Anna Kinchen |

The Bainbridge-Decatur County Chamber of Commerce would like to give our sincere thanks to the Bainbridge Salvation Army for their grand efforts in feeding our community during these difficult economic times. Their dedicated team has been hard at work!  Due to CDC restrictions, the Bainbridge Salvation Army closed all of their retail operations from April 6th until May 20th when they implemented a part time reopening of their retail operations to 24 hours per week.  As of June 1st, their retail operations are open full time, Monday – Friday 9 – 6 and Saturday 9 – 4.

Since their retail operation funds our ministry to the community, they had to quickly devise a plan to meet human needs in our community without the support of our store sales.  Hence, their “text 10 campaign” was born.  Texting 10 people to ask them to make a donation in any size to the local Salvation Army the next time they bought groceries.   This campaign proved effective and the donations began to come in.  In addition, several grants and community businesses came through to help support our mission – feeding our people!

As of Monday, Jun 7th, they have provided 946 food boxes to individuals and families in the Bainbridge community.  Their food boxes have provided food to more than 2,600 people .  The value of the food given is over $52,000.  Costing the Bainbridge Salvation Army roughly 20% of the value distributed.  It has been a modern day 5 loaves and 2 fishes story.  "God has been faithful and he has provided for his people.  He has allowed us to be the vessel." - Mereann McDonald

Though they did reduce their staff 20%, they were able to keep people employed and sustain meeting all of our financial obligations.  Their staff is now back at 100% and  the community is strongly supporting their retail operation.

Moving forward, with their retail operation open full time, their donation center is still part time due to CDC quarantine guidelines on donations.  All donations must be quarantined for 72 hours.  They pray the community will be patient with them as they gradually phase in additional days.  They need ALL donations. When you donate goods or make a financial contribution to The Salvation Army in Bainbridge, you are supporting your community.  The donations go directly back into the community through our programs that include food distribution, financial assistance with rent, utilities, medication, and clothing for those in need.  A purchase of goods from their store funds our ministry.  The goods available, come from their donors.