2019 Member Survey Report

Created by Lauren Minor |

Below are the survey results of the 2019 survey. These results helped the Board of Directors map out a Program of Work that best fits what the membership wants. Thank you to those who completed the survey. 

You can find our Program of Work on the blog as well. 


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Member Satisfaction

  • 48% of those surveyed reported they would rate their satisfaction with our Chamber as “Better than Most”.
  • 90% of Chamber members felt their membership investment was “Just Right.”
  • 85% of members reported they would increase their membership investment if they Chamber developed a more robust program of work that enhanced the business climate.

Member Perceptions

  • Members reported the top two most critical issues facing Decatur County are Economic Development and Workforce Development.
  • Members reported their perception of the Chamber’s efforts in workforce development and advocacy as little to know effort or impact. They feel the Chamber makes a great impact executing events and facilitating leadership.
  • The membership feels the Chamber is most qualified to engage in economic development, local advocacy issues, and Entrepreneur Development
  • Members reported Ribbon Cuttings, Networking groups, and AG Luncheon as most valuable to them and River Town Days, Leadercast, and Flint River Fair of least value.
  • Members would like to see a three-year focus on:
    • Workforce and Economic Development
    • Membership Enhancements
      • Personal contact, employee training & workshops
    • Organization Improvement
      • Help members understand how to serve on committees, Identify Chamber separate from City or County.
    • Small Business Support
  • Our members most want to see the Chamber:
    • Improve ourselves as an organization
    • Develop a role as community leader
    • Support Economic Development


What Our Members Want Us to Do Now

  • The Membership believes we MUST add the following to our Program of Work:
    • Provide support and resources for existing industry growth.
    • Provide unique downtown, small business and entrepreneur support.
    • Serve as primary marketing, branding, tourism, and creative industries promoters.
    • Provide serious and valuable networking
  • The Membership believes we should “Actively Engage” in the following:
    • Lead community or issue strategic planning
    • Serve as the primary or support for economic development
    • Direct talent, leadership, and workforce strategies
  • As far as Advocacy, the membership feels the Chamber should take an educational role on legislation as well as provide local commentary. They do not believe we should take an active role in recruiting candidates or facilitating candidate training.