The Great Replate

Created by Anna Kinchen |

Local Challenge To Promote Local Takeout Orders and Support Local Restaurants For A Chance To Win A $100 Gift Card

Replate | transitive verb:  to plate (something) again.  

I am not naming any names, but replating a dish and claiming it as your own is a "skill" I learned early on.  I’m positive the idea has been around for ages and now that I have kids of my own with priorities that seem to all fall above cooking, I would be enamored to meet the first woman to ever do such a risky thing (I’m probably related to her).  After ordering takeout from two of our local establishments last week, I did what I have asked all others to do during this time, I tipped big, documented my spread and gave a shoutout online.  I was inspired that one restaurant re-shared my post and the owner of the other pointed out the life carrying on in the background of the picture I shared - my kids playing with bubbles in the backyard.  In an act I thought would shed light on others, a little light was shed on my life too.  It was the simple reminder that we ALL have something to be thankful for (thanks Nicole).  

Let us be honest with ourselves, we are all craving food that we don't cook and we all enjoy seeing other human beings in their natural habitats.  That is one reason why zoom is so popular now, right?! Whether it is a picnic spread on paper plates in the yard or a grand tablescape with fine china, I ask that you to join me in this fun challenge and support all of our local restaurants! Maybe it will take hold and I can be justified in naming it the great replate over the Bainbridge replate. 

To enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card to a local restaurant of your choice you must:

  • Purchase Takeout Locally
  • Replate Your Food
  • Photograph Your Setup
  • Tag The Restuarant 
  • Tag The Chamber of Commerce

Entries can be made through Instagram and Facebook between Wednesday, April 22nd and Sunday evening, April 26th.  We will draw from a list of all entries on Monday, April 27th and announce the winner on our Facebook page. Thank you to my sponsor, Dollar Family Farms! If you are interested in keeping the challenge going by sponsoring, please contact me at