Georgia Heart Program

At no cost to you, by paying your Georgia income taxes through an income tax credit-eligible contribution to a rural hospital, you can provide a financial lifeline to your Bainbridge community!

The Georgia HEART Hospital Program is helping rural and critical access hospitals take advantage of an exciting new opportunity to increase their funding and their ability to provide for the health care needs of thousands of Georgians!  For many years, due to demographic, economic, and health care industry challenges, Georgia’s rural hospitals have been facing a financial crisis. This crisis jeopardizes the access of rural Georgians to adequate health care.  The Georgia Department of Community Health has qualified Bainbridge Memorial Hospital as a rural hospital organization to which individuals and corporate taxpayers may contribute and receive a Georgia income tax credit.  Donate your Georgia Income Tax Liability to Memorial Hospital and Manor through the Georgia HEART program and receive 100% Tax Credit.  Remember, these are dollars already spent and already deducted from your paycheck in the form of Georgia state taxes.  You now have a voice in where that money is spent. Help Memorial Hospital and Manor "Bring it Home"!  Visit the link to watch a short video and receive more information!


Make your HEART appointment with Lauren Harrell to receive your 100% Tax Credit.

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